Every meeting will be in the Valley Suite, located on the 3rd floor of the University Union

StartEnd        BuildingRoom

2/2/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

2/9/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

2/16/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

2/23/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

3/2/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

3/9/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

3/16/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

3/30/2017 Thu** 7:30 PM9:30 PM 

4/6/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

4/13/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

4/20/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

4/27/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

5/4/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

5/11/2017 Thu7:00 PM8:30 PM

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March 30th: Special Event in the Redwood Room - Click here for info!

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